Featured Writer: Henry Kuttner

As promised, today’s post looks at the other half of “The Twonky” writing team, Henry Kuttner. Often overshadowed by his numerous pseudonyms, including those shared with wife, C. L. Moore, Kuttner gained much prominence after his passing. With nearly three hundred stories to his name, it’s no wonder many contemporaries count him among their influences. … Continue reading Featured Writer: Henry Kuttner

Featured Writer: C. L. Moore

Science fiction was never just a man’s domain. Many cite the whole of science fiction owes its creation to Mary Shelley and her seminal work Frankenstein. Throughout the genre’s history, many women rose to prominence with their influential stories. Today, we’ll meet the first powerhouse female of the project, C. L. Moore. Nothing I have … Continue reading Featured Writer: C. L. Moore

Featured Writer: Arthur C. Clarke

Ziff-Davis Publishing - Amazing Stories, June-July 1953 Writer. Futurist. Engineer. Considered a member of the "Big Three," alongside Heinlein and Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke became one of the most influential science fiction writers. He wrote in genres such as hard science fiction or proper science, which appealed to both hardcore enthusiasts and general audiences alike. … Continue reading Featured Writer: Arthur C. Clarke